2018 May 22
Kinki Region City Mayor Board Meeting

Kyt Mayors 01

I attended a board meeting in preparation for the 125th Kinki Region Mayor General Conference.

This year’s conference will be held in Kameoka City, and as chairperson of the board of Kyoto mayor’s, I lead a discussion regarding the operations of the upcoming conference.

2018 May 22
2018 Kizugawa City Chamber of Commerce Representative Meeting

CoC Meeting 01

I attended the representative meeting for the Kizugawa City Chamber of Commerce.

I hope the Chamber of Commerce continues to cooperate with us in promoting our city and stimulating our local community.

2018 May 20
2018 Japan Boy Scouts Kyoto League Get-Together

BoyScouts Kyoto 01

I attended the get-together for the Kyoto league of the Japan Boy Scouts.

The various activities they participate in contribute to the healthy upbringing of our children.

2018 May 20
Kizugawa City Community Disaster Prevention Committee

Dis Committee 01

I held a meeting for the city’s independent disaster prevention committee.

Responding to a large-scale disaster and providing long-term support is difficult for a city administration to do by itself. In times such as those, the cooperation of the Community Disaster Prevention Committee is invaluable.

2018 May 20
2018 Disaster Prevention Drills

Dis Drill 01 Dis Drill 02 Dis Drill 03 Dis Drill 04

We held disaster prevention drills in three flood-prone areas in the city by running through evacuation procedures and shelter set-up training with the participation of local residents.

In the event of a large-scale disaster, residents may have to live in a shelter for a long period of time. By having these drills, residents can gain a better understanding on how shelters are run.

2018 May 16
Disaster Prevention Patrol

Dis Patrol 01 Dis Patrol 02 Dis Patrol 03

I enacted pre-flood season disaster prevention patrols to check up on our city’s disaster preparedness.

By patrolling a landslide damage restoration project and the embankment improvement construction site, we were able to strengthen our coordination with the related organizations, which I hope to translate into effective disaster prevention administration.

2018 May 13
Kizugawa City Children’s Eco-Club Inaugural Ceremony

Kids Eco Club 01 Kids Eco Club 02

I attended the inaugural ceremony of the Kizugawa City Children’s Eco-Club.

Over the next year, I hope the children learn more about nature and our environment through various experiences with the club.

2018 May 12
Kyoto Yamashiro Furusato Museum – Tea Picking Experience Seminar

Chatsumi 01 Chatsumi 02

I participated in a tea picking experience seminar at Kizu High School sponsored by the Yamshiro Furusato Museum.

All of the participants were able to experience the richness and aroma of Uji tea that has been passed on from the region’s ancestors and is currently supported by the techniques of modern tea artisans and the area’s deep tea heritage.

2018 May 6
10,000th Citizen Welcoming Ceremony

10,000 Citizen 91 10,000 Citizen 02

I had the honor of presenting Mr. Kunikata and his family, new residents to the Umemidai area, with a certificate confirming him as the 10,000 citizen since the creation of Kizugawa City.

Kizugawa City was formed in 2007 with a starting population of 66,490 people, a number that has increased by 10,000 in the past ten years despite the population issue that Japan is currently tackling. I would like to thank the citizens and everyone for their support and cooperation, without which this landmark could not have been made possible.

I hope to continue community development efforts in Kizugawa City that encourage citizens to live, prosper, and think positively of our city.