2016 December 22nd
Kizugawa City Election Supervision Committee Receives Public Recognition

Interior Minister Recognition Award

I am pleased to announce that I have received word that the Kizugawa City Election Supervision Committee was recognized for their efforts during the 24th Kizugawa House Election by the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Their achievements in providing supervision at voting stations located at our high schools and educating our youth about elections was highly regarded.

It is with great joy that I offer a heartfelt congratulations to our Election Supervision Committee!

2016 December 18th
Kyoto – Kizugawa City Photo Exhibition (City Hall Resident Activity Space)

Kizugawa Photo Exhibition 01Kizugawa Photo Exhibition 02Kizugawa Photo Exhibition 03Kizugawa Photo Exhibition 04

Today I took a look at the Kyoto, Kizugawa City Photo Exhibition (previously held in Shin-Tokyo Building) in our Resident Activity Space on the 1st floor of City Hall.

The wonderful pictures depict the happy smiling children of Kizugawa City in scenes of nature and locations of cultural importance in our city. I highly recommend viewing them! (Exhibition open until December 28th)

2016 December 18th
Kizugawa City Musical Arts Association Concert 2016

Musical Association Concert 2016 01Musical Association Concert 2016 02

This evening I had the pleasure of listening to the lovely musical performances and singing voices of the Kizugawa City Musical Arts Association members.

In closing the concert they sang Silent Night which put me in quite the Christmas mood.

2016 December 17th
City-wide Middle School and Doshisha Univeristy Joint Project “Kizugawa Produce Project”

Kizugawa Produce Project 01Kizugawa Produce Project 03Kizugawa Produce Project 02Kizugawa Produce Project 04Kizugawa Produce Project 05Kizugawa Produce Project 06

I stopped by the Aeon Mall in Takanohara to observe presentations on recommended tour plans in Kizugawa City presented by 35 middle school students from city schools and 10 Doshisha University students.

Each presentation was ingenious and it was interesting to learn new points of appeal on our city through the fresh viewpoint of our middle school students.

2016 December 13th
Former Intern Yujing Li Stops by for a Chat

Li's City Hall Visit

Today, I welcomed our former student intern from China for the Tourism Commerce and Industry Division at Kizugawa City Hall, Yujing Li. 

During her visit she told me all about her PR work for Kizugawa in China, which of course made me very happy to hear!

I will continue to cherish this important relationship with one Ms. Yujing Li.

2016 December 9th
Nishioka and Friends – Hokkori Mattari Picture and Letter Exhibition

Hokkori Mattari 01Hokkori Mattari 02Hokkori Mattari 03

Today, I took a look at the picture and letter exhibition that took place in our Resident Activity Space until December 13th.

The thoughtful, wonderful pieces kept me hokkori (warm) in the midst of this cold winter weather.

2016 December 4th
Shiroyamadai Festival

Shiroyama-dai Festival 01Shiroyama-dai Festival 02

I stopped by Shiroyamadai Park today to take a gander at the Shiryoyamadai Festival.

I was quite ecstatic to see all the children’s smiling faces as they made Christmas crafts and wooden trinkets.

2016 December 4th
2016 Kizugawa City Fire Department Disaster Training

Fire Department Training

Today, I attended this year’s Kizugawa City Fire Department disaster training drills.

I am grateful to see our city’s fire department taking steps to equip themselves with the proper skills to help our citizens in the event of a natural disaster.

2016 December 4th
Tono Harvest Festival

Tono Festival 01Tono Festival 02Tono Festival 03

I participated in the Tono Harvest Festival today at the Tono Village Center.

I was fortunate enough to partake in the produce and handmade bread that was made possible by the diligence and hard work of our dedicated citizens in the Tono region.