2017 January 26th
Hokuriku Shinkansen Line Kyoto to Osaka - Southern Route Extension Campaign

Southern Route Campaign 01
Southern Route Campaign 02

I campaigned for the extension of the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line to Kyoto and Osaka to the Senior Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Shinsuke Suematsu and the LDP Project Team for the Promotion of SHinkansen Development and Construction - Suruga City and Osaka City Segment Evaluation Committee Chairman Shoji Nishida.

2017 January 25th
Japanese Association of City Mayors Economic Committee - Agriculture Policy Meeting

Agriculture Policy Meeting

I attended a subcommittee meeting for agriculture policy held by the Japan Association of City Mayors' Economic Committee.

I and my fellow mayors from other cities received a debriefing on the Japanese Tourism Agency and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries' tourism policies, and exchanged opinions and ideas.

2017 January 22nd
Race Through History - Marathon in Kizugawa

Kizugawa History Marathon 01Kizugawa History Marathon 02

There were quite a number of participants in this year's marathon despite the cold air.

I hope they were able to feel and enjoy the nature of the Tono region whilst running!

2017 January 22nd
2nd Tondoyaki Bonfire in Takanohara

Takanohara Tondoyaki 01Takanohara Tondoyaki 02

I dropped by Takanohara Elementary School to take a peek at this year's Tondoyaki Bonfire festivites.

It was a wodnerful affair that demonstrated the strong ties of the Takanohara community.

2017 January 21st
Opening of JR Kamo Station Sightseeing Kiosk

JR Kamo Station Sightseeing Kiosk

I attended the opening ceremony of the Kamo Sightseeing Kiosk at JR Kamo Station.

In cooperation with the non-profit organization Furusato Guide and the Kamo area citizens, I hope this kiosk plays a role in conveying the appeal of our city to travelers.

2017 January 21st
3rd Tono Cultural Festival

Tono Cultural Festival 01
Tono Cultural Festival 02

I stopped by the Tono Village Center to view the art, sculpture, flower arrangements, and patchwork of the Tono region citizens in this year's 2-day Tono Cultural Festival.

I'm particularly looking forward to their harvest of veggies and other foodstuffs later this year.

2017 January 8th
Kizugawa City Coming of Age Ceremony

Coming-of-age Ceremony 01
Coming-of-age Ceremony 02

We celebrated the transition into adulthood of 716 citizens at the Central Gymnasium with a coming-of-age ceremony.

I hope all of our new adults in Kizugawa City will continue to express love and pride for their hometown and participate actively in further developing our city.

2017 January 8th
Kizugawa City Fire Department First Deployment Ceremony

First Deployment Ceremony

The Kizugawa City Fire Department Commander Shiro led the fire department in their First Deployment Ceremony for the New Year at Kunimidai Elementary School.

I will continue to cooperate with the fire department to ensure the welfare of our citizens in the event of a natural disaster.

2017 January 6th
Commemorative Picture Corner Now Open

Izumi-hime Picture Corner

We set up our Izumi-hime background on the left of our entrance inside Kizugawa City Hall for everyone to take commemorative pictures.

Please feel free to take a picture the next time you stop by the City Hall!

2017 January 4th
New Year Message for Kizugawa City Public Servants

New Year Opening Ceremony

“Continue to practice fiscal responsibility in serving our city for the sake of our children and grandchildren.”

I opened the year with a message to our civil servants to continue to serve our citizens by making financially sound decisions and fulfilling their expectations.