2017 December 20
Kizugawa-ii Photograph Exhibition

Kizugawa-ii Pictures 01

The Kizugawa-ii Photograph Exhibition, previously held at Grand Front Osaka, will be on display in our Resident Activity Space until December 25th. I welcome you to enjoy the pictures taken by residents of our city.

2017 December 20
Cultural Property Exhibition – Properties Pending Recognition

Pending Cultural Properties 01

Cultural properties from Kizugawa awaiting official recognition will be on exhibition in a glass display case on the 2nd floor of the City Hall until March 2nd. Come and get familiarized with some of the cultural properties to-be!

2017 December 18
Year End Special Alert Ceremony

Year End Special Alert 01

I attended the year-end special alert ceremony held by the Kizu Police Station. To secure a safe, accident and crime-free community, I will continue to cooperate with the Kizu Police Station and other organizations and their anti-crime activities.

2017 December 9
Kizugawa City Human Rights Culture Gathering – Kirari Sawayaka Fest

Human Rights Gathering 01 Human Rights Gathering 02

The 11th Human Rights Culture Gathering and Kirari Sawayaka Fest was held at Kamo Cultural Center this month. I stopped by the view the human rights awareness posters and displays made by various organizations. Starting with our families and region, I hope human rights awareness and progress spreads throughout the world.

2017 December 9
47th Pro-league Baseball Youth Workshop

Youth Baseball 01 Youth Baseball 02

I made an appearance at this year’s youth baseball workshop at Kizu Daini Junior High school.

I hope some of our students will debut at Koshien or as pro baseball players in the future!

2017 December 4
Human Rights Week – Public Awareness Activities

Human Rights 01

I participated in the informing the public about the importance of human rights at the Kizugawa Garden Mall.

December 4~10 marks the 69th Human Rights week, and we plan on enacting a number of awareness activities to instill the importance of a society respectful of everyone’s human rights.

2017 December 3
Yamamshiro Economic Society 40th Anniversary Celebration

Econ Society 01

I attended the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Yamashiro Economic Society

The Society’s activities are important to the vitalization and community development of the Yamashiro region.

2017 December 3
National Highway 163 East Kizu Bypass Groundbreaking Ceremony

Bypass 01 Bypass 02
Bypass 03 Bypass 04

With the permission of both the Kinki Region Development Bureau and Kyoto Prefecture, we broke ground for the construction of Highway 163 East Kizu Bypass.

I’m truly thankful that our 10 year effort to secure the construction of this highway has paid off, and I expect it to contribute greatly to the further development of Kizugawa City.