Jindo-ji 01
Jindo-ji Temple Mail Hall

Jindo-ji Temple has long had a close relationship with Mt. Yoshino in Nara and is considered sacred ground in Shugendo, Japanese mountain asceticism. According to the temple’s records (Kita-yoshinoyama Jindoji Engi), Jindo-ji was established by Shotoku Taishi and its main object of worship was a Zaou Gongen statue carved by the monk En no Gyoja with the assistance of two prodigies (jindo).

Jindo-ji 02
Wooden Sitting Statue of Aizen Myo-o

The ancient temple is known to be in possession of many cultural properties such as a wooden standing statue of Fudo Myo-o, a wooden sitting statue of Aizen Myo-o, a wooden sitting statue of Amida Nyorai, and others. The main hall is of the Muromachi period and is also a designated important cultural property.

Address: Yamashirocho Jindoji Fusedani