Senkyo-ji 01
Senkyo-ji Temple Front Gate

Senkyo-ji Temple, established in Tenpyo 12 (740) of the Nara period, is said to be one of the 49 temples and nunneries built by the monk Gyoki.

On the temple grounds are a gorin pagoda, a designated important cultural property, and an outdoor sitting stone statue of Jizo Bosatsu, a Kamakura period piece reaching 4.58 meters tall. It is also famous for being the only stone Jizo Bosatsu statue in Japan.

Senkyo-ji 03
Senkyo-ji Stone Gorin Pagoda

Senkyo-ji 02
Sitting Stone Statue of Jizo Bosatsu

Address: Yamashirocho Kamikoma Nishishita 55