Senior Care

Non-Japanese residents with elderly dependents in Kizugawa who will be a legal resident for more than one year (exceptions for stays of less than one year are made at the discretion of the minister for Health, Labour and Welfare) are entitled to social service benefits and senior benefits similar to Japanese citizens.

Persons aged 40 years and over are eligible to apply for support, though in most circumstances those aged under 65 will have their needs covered by their National or Employees Health Insurance.

Applications for support can be made at Kizugawa City Hall, either in person or with a legally appointed representative. A doctor's opinion is also required, from your own physician or from one appointed to you by the city. Your needs and degree of support will be assessed and calculated by healthcare and social care professionals, and the results should be available within thirty days of applying. A care plan will then be drawn up, determined by what sort of care would best suit your needs. This can include at-home services as well as daycare centers and residential care options. Further details of available care services are also available.


Assessments of care levels are divided into 7 levels:

  • Essential Care levels 1-5 (For those who require moderate to high levels of care and support
  • Essential Support levels 1-2 (For those who require only low levels of support)
  • Applicants who are determined not to be in need of support will not be covered by elderly care insurance but may still use municipal care facilities at their own cost.

After the care services contract has been signed, please present your insurance certificate to the relevant care workers. Your insurance will cover 90% of the costs of the care services outlined in your care plan. You must pay the remaining 10%. Each support level has a maximum claim limit for monthly care costs. Care costs in excess of this limit must be paid for by the individual. It is possible to make use of care arrangements other than those covered in the care plan, but these costs must be borne by the individual.

For example, for a given monthly claim limit of 100,000 yen, if the monthly care costs total to 110,000 yen then the total cost covered by insurance is 100,000 yen x 0.9 = 90,000 yen and the total cost to the insured is (100,000 yen x 0.1) + 10,000 yen = 20,000 yen


Kizugawa City Elderly Support care plans are valid up to 6 months. If you wish to continue using the care services, or if you wish to change the level of care you receive, you may apply for a renewal or change of status before this period expires. After renewing your support arrangements, your care plan will be valid for an additional 12 months before its next renewal.