Kizugawa City Hall can provide assistance in English with nursery or kindergarten arrangements, school enrollment, senior care, tax issues, health insurance, and other services, as well as assistance with other problems relating to life in Japan.

In addition to international schools, it is possible to enroll foreign-born children in Japanese schools in Kizugawa. Home schooling is also allowed. Please discuss these issues at the Kizugawa City Hall should the need arise. Please also be aware that children with Japanese citizenship (even if they have dual citizenship with another country) are legally obligated to be enrolled in school.

Residents whose children reside primarily abroad, but who will return to Kizugawa during holidays may choose to enroll their children in Japanese summer schools. Certain restrictions may apply, so residents interested in this option should consult the City Board of Education at Kizugawa City Hall.

Kizugawa City, as part of the Kansai Science City, is constantly seeking to promote further development in the area, with a particular interest in encouraging foreign and domestic high-tech manufacturing, as well as research and development businesses, to move to the city. Further information on available subsidies and tax incentives can be obtained from the `Kyoto Foreign Investment Promotion Committee` (Kyouto gaikoku kigyou renrakukai, 京都(きょうと)外国(がいこく)企業(きぎょう)誘致(ゆうち)連絡会(れんらくかい)) and Kizugawa City Hall, Scientific Research and Planning Division. (Gakken kikakuka, 学研(がっけん)企画課(きかくか))