Medical treatment in Japan uses a different system from many countries. When you feel ill you should first visit a specialist clinic (usually found as part of a larger hospital), rather than asking for a referral from a generalist. Most doctors, particularly younger doctors, will be at least able to read written English, even if they may not be so confident with spoken English. You should bring your Health Insurance Card if you have one and present it at reception. You will then be told to wait in the reception area until the doctor is ready to see you. It is possible that you will only be separated from the other patients by a curtain, rather than in your own room.

When your visit with doctor is finished, please return to the reception counter to pick up any prescriptions and pay your bill for the treatment. Sometimes you may have to go to a separate place to collect your prescriptions.

Also note that long term prescriptions are fairly uncommon and that you may need to make multiple visits.

Below is a overview of medical providers in Kizugawa City. Please feel free to refer to it if you are seeking medical attention while living in Kizugawa.

2017 Kizugawa City - List of Medical Service Providers