Health Insurance


Non-Japanese residents with stays in Japan of more than one year are eligible for enrollment in the Japanese National Health Insurance System which, for a monthly premium, covers 70% of the cost of medical treatment in Japan, the remaining 30% paid by the individual.


  • For children of preschool age National Insurance covers 80% of costs
  • For most people aged between 70 and 75 National Insurance covers 90% of the cost of treatment.
  • People over 75 are covered separately under “Care for the Elderly” programmes.


Applications can be made at the National Health Insurance division on first floor of the Kizugawa City Hall.


A Registered Alien Card is required for registration.


Please note that this coverage is only available to those under 65. Pension and Elderly Care advice are also available. Enrollment in the National Health Insurance System is voluntary, but recommended.


Enrollment in the National Health Insurance System should be done by the head of the household, from whom all members will gain individual coverage.


National Insurance covers 70% of the cost of the following:


  • Medical Examinations
  • Treatment
  • Medicine and Drug costs
  • Hospitalization and Hospital Care (Except food costs)
  • Ambulance callouts
  • Treatment for injuries incurred as a result of traffic accidents or due to the actions of a third party


National Insurance does not cover the following:


  • Voluntary check-ups
  • Preventative vaccinations
  • Regular pregnancy and Pre-natal care (covered under separate arrangements)
  • Childbirth
  • Corrective orthodontics or dental surgery
  • Abortion (except for medical reasons)
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Accidents at work (normally paid for by employers liability insurance)
  • Conditions apply for injuries sustained during criminal activity on the part of the insured, or while intoxicated and similar circumstances


Your National Health Insurance card is your proof of enrollment in the Scheme. Bring it with you when you visit a doctor and keep it in a safe place at all other times. Lending it to another person is a criminal offence.


In cases of sudden hospitalization, for example, due to an accident, or treatment abroad (unless travel was specifically for that purpose) it is possible to pay the remaining 30% of treatment costs afterwards at the National Health Insurance division at the Kizugawa City Hall.


In the case of extremely high healthcare bills, additional support is available. Additional coverage is also available for specially designated conditions (such as hereditary diseases, HIV, and patients requiring kidney dialysis). If you require this type of assistance please discuss your needs at the National Health Insurance division at the Kizugawa City Hall.


National Health Insurance is linked to your address. Please inform the National Health Insurance division at the Kizugawa City Hall if you move.


Please also inform the Kizugawa City Hall in the following cases:


  • Marriage or Divorce
  • If you lose your National Insurance Card or if it becomes dirty or damaged.