Kyoto Child Support Medical System

Young infants and children living in Kizugawa City are eligible for financial assistance towards the portion of the cost of medical treatment not covered by National Health Insurance during the periods stated below:

  • Treatment not requiring hospitalization: from birth or relocation to Kizugawa to entering school (or March 31 after their 6th birthday)
  • Treatment requiring hospitalization: from age 0 or relocation to Kizugawa until graduation from elementary school (or March 31st after their 12th birthday)

All treatment fees (except dental treatment) are charged \200 per department per month.

Please note of the following:

  • This coverage is only applicable toward treatments covered by National Health Insurance.
  • If the cost of treatment is also eligible for assitance as "extremely high healthcare costs," that coverage takes precedence over this one.
  • This support does not cover non-medical hospitalization expenses such as food and room cleaning bills.

This coverage is effective from the day we receive a notification of birth receipt or upon your relocation to Kizugawa City.


Payment Procedure

Treatment within Kyoto Prefecture

Please bring your Child Heathcare Support registration card (kyouto kosodate shien iryou jyukyuushashou京都(きょうと)子育て(こそだて)支援(しえん)医療(いりょう)受給者(じゅきゅうしゃ)(しょう)) and your National Health Insurance card (kenkou hokenshou健康(けんこう)保険証(ほけんしょう)) to the Child Raising Support Division desk at Kizugawa City Hall and pay the \200 yen charge.

  • For multiple hospital visits, please pay after the first visit of each month.
  • For hospitalizations please pay \200 each month.

Treatment outside of Kyoto Prefecture

Please show your National Health Insurance card (kenkou hokenshou健康(けんこう)保険証(ほけんしょう)) and pay the standard 20% of the total cost of the treatment at the hospital where you receive treatment. Please be sure to ask for a receipt for treatment. When you return to Kizugawa please bring this to the Child Raising Support Division desk at the Kizugawa City Hall and you will receive a refund for the amount paid over \200.

  • For Elementary School students the procedure is the same but limited only to hospitalizations.


For further information please contact the National Health Insurance and Medical Treatment Division

Tel 0774-72-3900