Child benefits are intended to help the next generation of society to grow up in a healthy and lively environment.


Eligible Recipients

Children are eligible to receive child benefits until the first 31st of March after their 15th birthday. Applications should be made within 15 days of the birth of a child or moving to Kizugawa City.

In order to be eligible for these benefits, the child must be a resident in Japan. In the event that the parents are divorced benefits will be paid to the parent with custody of the child.

If your application is late the start of your payments may be delayed and you may not receive all entitled payments.


Payment amount

As of October 2011, payment amounts vary with the child’s age. For the purpose of determining “first”, “second” child etc, only children up to high school grade 3 are counted (or alternatively, until the first March 31st after the child turns 18). Children above this age are not counted.

Age 0 up to 3 years: ¥15,000 per month
Age 3 up to the completion of elementary school(First and second born child): ¥10,000 per month
Age 3 up to the completion of elementary school(Third child): ¥15,000 per month
Junior High school student: ¥10,000 per month


Payment Schedule

Payments are generally made in three installments on the 10th of February, June and October, with the sum of the payments for the preceding months paid as one lump sum.

If the scheduled payment date falls upon a weekend or a national holiday payments will be made on the last business day before the holiday.


Application Documents

  • Copy of Employer’s Health Insurance Card (Not required if you are enrolled in the National Health Insurance System)
  • Bank account record book (通帳(つうちょう)) of the bank account you wish the funds to be paid into. Alternatively a copy of the account’s cash card is also acceptable.
  • If your children do not live in the same house as you (for example because of work etc), the Certificate of Residence showing all members of their household and a Certificate of Child Support for Non-Resident Children (別居(べっきょ)監護(かんご)申立書(もうしたてしょ)) is also required.



Public workers should apply at their place of work.

Your payments will be deferred until all the required documents (listed above) have been received. If we do not receive all the required documents your application may be rejected.

For more information please contact the Kizugawa City Healthcare and Welfare Support Section, Child Raising Support Division