Come and listen to the chirping birds and the soft tricking streams at the serene and green Yamashiro Forrest Park.

Camping grounds or cabins are available for reservation. Escape from the city and enjoy a night surrounded by nature!

You can also do some light shopping at our kiosk, visit our café, or bring your own materials for a barbeque.

Forest Park 01


Environment Maintenance Fee
Adults (from middle school age up) 200 yen/person
Children 100 yen/person

Parking Fee
500 yen/car

Bungalow rental (max of 4 people)
6,000 yen/night

Log House rental (max of 8 people)

JPN - 木津川市山城町大字神童子小字三上山1番地
ENG - Jindoji Sanjoyama 1, Yamashirocho, Kizugawashi, Kyotofu

※Toilets and parking available on site