In 2007 at the 2nd Kizugawa City Council Assembly, councilmembers voted to pass the “Anti-Nuclear Peace City” resolution.

The declaration of the measure is as follows:


Kizugawa City “Anti-Nuclear Peace City” Declaration

Everlasting world peace has long been the aspiration of the human race.

However, the wide-scale proliferation of nuclear weapons continues to destabilize and gravely threaten the state of our natural environment and the existence of mankind itself.

We, no strangers to the atrocious effects of the atomic bomb that last to this day, will continue to bring attention to the world the lasting pain nuclear weapons bring, so that a calamity the likes of Hiroshima or Nagasaki will never happen again. 

We will strive to achieve and continue the ideal of peace in perpetuity with the international community as stated in the Japanese Constitution.

On this, the birth year of our new city, we in Kizugawa City make this humble request for the adherence to the Three Non-Nuclear Principles and the swift dismantling and decommissioning of nuclear weapons around the world, and commit ourselves to being an Anti-Nuclear Peace City.


Kizugawa City
Kyoto Prefecture