Izumi-hime Illustration

Izumi-hime Mascot Profile

I am the mascot of Kizugawa Izumi-hime!
I’m a girl that absolutely adores Kizugawa. Please feel free to talk to me if you see me! I love to make friends.

Name: Izumi-hime
Gender: Girl
Origin: Kizugawa City
Age: That’s a secret ;-) (don’t ever ask a lady her age!)
Charm Point: My smile
Favorite Flower: The sakura and the cosmos
Favorite Food: Rice balls
Hobbies: Exploring Kizugawa (especially walking around the temples and touring the research parks), and reading Japanese poetry
Traits: Bright, gentle, curious, fashionable
Talents: Bringing smiles to the faces of people I meet.
My dream: That everyone gets to experience and know Kizugawa
Who I like: Mayumaro (Kyoto-fu mascot), but I don’t think he likes me back…

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