Sizes and Prices of the Designated Garbage Bags

Bag Size (Price:10 bags/pack)

  • 45L (\450)
  • 30L (\300)
  • 15L (\150)
  • 7L (\70)


Where to buy the Designated Garbage Bags

The Designated Garbage Bags are sold at convenience stores, supermarkets and other stores in Kizugawa City.
Participating store display participating store stickers.

Combustible garbage that do not need to use the Designated Garbage Bags

Disposable diapers (emptied of dirt to the toilet)

You also can put only disposable diapers in transparent/semi-transparent bags.
Of course, you can put in the Designated Garbage Bags.

Garbage by the volunteer work

Garbage by the volunteer clean-up work of public spaces can be put in the Volunteer Bags.
The Volunteer Bags are distributed upon your request at the city office.