2017 September 5
2017 Cultural Property Exhibition – Kamio-dera Temple Ruins Artifacts

Kamio-dera Artifacts 01Kamio-dera Artifacts 02

In front of the second floor elevator in the glass display case are artifacts from an excavation of Kamio-dera on exhibition. I took a short stroll to hear a little bit about them.

If you are able, I definitely recommend coming to see and hear about these historical pieces.

2017 September 1
10th Kizu Oil Painting Circle Exhibition

Kizu Oil Painting Circle 01
Kizu Oil Painting Circle 02

I took a stroll down to the first floor Resident Activity Space to look at the fascinating painting exhibition of the Kizu Oil Painting Circle (open until the 8th).

They were all extraordinary pieces that communicated the circle’s passion for oil painting.